What is Advanced Joint Vitality

All You Need to Know About Advanced Joint Vitality

Posted by Let's Talk Health on 6/24/2021
All You Need to Know About Advanced Joint Vitality

Joint pains are universal & they are the by-product of weakened joints that are caused due to multifarious reasons. Irrespective of your age, gender, or living conditions, it’s necessary that you have a balanced diet and do regular exercise to keep your joints healthy.

While you might be able to handle the exercise part, eating a balanced diet isn’t an easy feat to achieve. We hate to break it to you, no matter how hard you try to keep your diet balanced, nutrient absorption, especially calcium absorption starts to decline after the early 30s. With the rate of calcium absorption declining, your joints will start developing problems. 

This is why you should supplement your diet with other micronutrients such as Vitamin D3s, Manganese, & Phosphorus, along with calcium to keep your joints healthy.

Advanced Joint Vitality Products – The Key to Healthy Joints

Advanced joint vitality products are truly a lifesaver when it comes to joint health. Earlier known as energy food for joints, the new supplement known as the Advanced Joint Vitality is a balanced and nutrient-rich formula that includes 14 natural ingredients that are intended to target joint support and mobility. This new formula includes 3x the number of active ingredients compared to the previous one.

For those who are still unaware of this product, Advanced Joint Vitality is a nutrient-based product developed in advanced research laboratories after spending thousands of man-hours & countless resources in research and development.

The product is a culmination of nutrient-rich non-GMO formula intended to enhance the formation and functioning of healthy joint tissues and to tackle the joint stress our body encounters every day.

Some Popular Ingredients of Advanced Joint Vitality

  1. Glucosamine

Glucosamine is an osteoarthritis antidote and a critical component of our new formula. Essentially what happens in joints is its degradation that is mostly triggered by aging. Being a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Glucosamine is proven to be a safer option. Researches conducted on joints had confirmed the natural presence of Glucosamine in bones and joints. With the oxidation of joints caused due to aging, Glucosamine presence in joints declines. This is why supplementing joints with Glucosamine with age is crucial for joint health.

  1. Boswellin

Boswellin is another addition to our old formula that has improved our efficacy to a larger scale. It is basically a resin extract from the Boswellia tree. Also known as Indian frankincense, it is a natural product with proven anti-inflammatory properties. This anti-inflammatory phytonutrient has also been identified as a painkiller and is used for promoting normal joint function, flexibility, and comfort by assisting the body in inhibiting cartilage damage.

  1. Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber is a traditional Chinese alternative with medicinal properties. Recent studies have proven it to be effective in treating rheumatism and other joint ailments. Sea Cucumber is rich in chondroitin sulfate which is effective in countering the inflammatory response of a human body. 

It functions by inhibiting the activities of pro-inflammatory enzymes such as cyclo-oxygenase to curb inflammations. When used together with glucosamine, Sea Cucumber has the capacity to reverse cartilage loss which is identified as the most prominent reason for osteoarthritis.

  1. Manganese

These trace minerals are a consistent addition to any joint supplements. Their deficiency will implicate joint pains and hence is advised for daily intake by most of the doctors in its gluconate, amino acid chelate, and ascorbate forms. The manganese deficiency will also trigger bone demineralization. It also plays a crucial role in collagen formation and is essential to keep the joints healthy.

  1. Bromelain

Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme that is derived from all fresh parts of pineapple including the stem fruit and juice. This crude aqueous extract has been in use for a long time because of its medical uses. Its analgesic properties are found to have a direct influence on mediators such as bradykinin. Clinical trials have also proven it to be effective in reducing swelling and inflammatory pain in joints. It is also considered to be a diclofenac substitute for arthritic patients.

  1. Alfalfa juice concentrate

Alfalfa juice concentrate has been used in Ayurvedic treatment for ages to treat inflammation and oxidative damage to bones. Proven to be a powerful antioxidant, it prevents the damage caused by free radicals in joints and relieves the pain caused due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Alfalfa juice concentrate is a fiber-rich food that is obtained from the herb Medicago sativa which is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that are crucial in keeping the joints healthy.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a major constituent in citrus fruits & green leafy vegetables and is also a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the pain and inflammation from arthritis. Its antioxidant properties play a key role in preventing inflammatory arthritis and in keeping the joints with osteoarthritis healthy. It also acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of collagen, the building blocks of joints and bone tissues.

  1. Niacin

Niacin popularly known as vitamin B3 is another crucial micronutrient in keeping the joints healthy. The deficiency of Niacin instigates symptoms that are commonly associated with joint pains and inflammations. Studies have shown that Niacin is effective against treating the symptoms of arthritis and in improving mobility and strength of joints. It is thus considered to be a powerful substitute for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Hence it is a common ingredient in many health supplements including our Newmen’s essential women's essentials and cardio advantage plus.

  1. Vitamin B6

Low levels of vitamin B6 are one of the prominent reasons for rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have shown that supplementing patients with rheumatoid arthritis is effective in its treatment.

  1. Pantothenic acid

Pantothenic acid or commonly known as vitamin B5 is crucial in the proper functioning of the digestive system & in reducing inflammations. When combined with para-aminobenzoic acid, it can effectively suppress inflammations. Other than this, vitamin B5 helps your body better absorb nutrients during digestion.

To sum up

 Other prominent constituents include trace minerals such as magnesium, copper, and zinc which have their own significance in keeping the pain and inflammation under check-in people with arthritis or other Joint issues.

Our R&D team has not stopped at the all-new Advanced Joint Vitality. Instead, many new formulas are in the pipeline. Some of the prominent ones are ThermoBurn – new Advanced Thermogenic diet formula with Forslean®, Man Alive Max Performance – men’s testosterone booster and virility performance formula, and Brain Booster Max. We recommend you stay in touch with us and have a look at our complete product list