ReJuv Salve - Nutritional Supplement for Skin
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ReJuv Salve (2oz)

ReJuv Salve (2oz)


Revolutionary Breakthrough Nutritional Skin Restoration Formula

  • Naturally Assists In Skin Restoration & Healing Wounds
  • Contains Borcinol – A Proprietary Blend
  • Absorbs well into band-aids for continuous contact
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We are pleased to announce a groundbreaking natural formula to assist in skin restoration. It contains significant improvements over our Healing Cream. You will be pleasantly surprised and pleased.

The new ingredients in this amazing formula are Boricinol (Boric Acid & Monooleate), Beeswax, Coconut Oil (Organic), Vitamin E Acetate, Lavender, Neem Extract, Cacao Butter, Shea Butter and Petroleum Jelly. We'd like to highlight just one ingredient. 

BORICINOL - is our proprietary blend consisting of Boric Acid mixed in a stable uniform composition with Selected Lipids having a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe by FDA) status. The mechanism of action of Boricinol is quite similar to action of Boric Acid, the substance used successfully form the ancient Egypt time in traditional medicine for treating various diseases including a number of skin disorders. However what is quite new and exciting in our discovery of Boricinol is the fact that it represents a form of Boric Acid that is uniformly dispersed in a natural lipid phase and thus can penetrate through the skin (through lipid Stratum Corneum layer) much more efficiently than Boric Acid itself (which is only soluble in water). 

 At the same time, similarly to its parent boric acid, Boricinol shows a strong anti-inflammatory activity. This is due to a fact that that Boricinol counter-acts an oxidative stress that is cause of many skin disorders. 

 It is great for healing wounds that are not showing signs of improvement or to assist immediately after a burn, cut or irritation. It is also an excellent formula for application on lesions. Easily applied, it stays put and even absorbs well into band-aids for those areas with continuous contact. It is an ideal addition to your home first-aid kit as well. 

 Buy some today so you can begin the healing process and have some on hand next time your grandkids skin their knee or someone you love has a wound that needs the best natural healing available today.

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In addition to its excellent benefits, this product is also a wonderful moisturizer. A small amount will keep your face moist and soft all day.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Diego.
The Best
Nothing better out there!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Hot Springs.
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