Prosta-Plex - Clinical Strength New Formula
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Prosta-Plex Plus (90 softgels)

Prosta-Plex Plus (90 softgels)


Clinical Strength Potencies of Saw Palmetto, Beta-Sitosterol & Lycopene + 11 More Targeted Prostate Supportive Nutrients

  • Clinical potencies of Saw Palmetto Extract, Lycopene and Beta-Sitosterol*
  • 7 NEW Plant-Based Nutrients to Support Prostate Cell Health*
  • Science-Based Support for Aging Prostate Glands*
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90 Softgels
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To maximize the health of your prostate, it is important to take a premium prostate supplement formula that is designed to enhance your prostate health and optimal urinary function even with a healthy diet – your aging (and enlarging) prostate has unique nutritional needs.

Our best-selling Prosta-Plex Plus has been a great formula for many years, but science marches on and discovers more and more about specific nutrients and potencies to better target the health of your prostate — a significant consideration for men over 40.

As a result, we researched and sourced the most cutting-edge ingredients in amounts specifically cited in clinical studies to formulate our NEW Clinical Strength Prosta-Plex Plus.

Our newly formulated Clinical Strength Prosta-Plex Plus is a combination of botanicals and nutrients that support a healthy prostate gland. This new proprietary formula features over twice the amount of saw palmetto extract than our previous formula, lycopene and beta-sitosterol – both NEW additions to this powerful new formula – in potencies that are comparable to those that have been used in clinical trials.

Clinical Strength Prosta-Plex Plus still provides additional nutritional support from ingredients in the former formula with DOUBLE the amount of Turmeric Extract Concentrated to 95%, Zinc, Selenium, as well has vitamin D-3, which are known to play important roles in optimal prostate function.

We have also added 7 NEW plant-based nutrients chosen specifically for their ability to support a healthy prostate. They include Quercetin, a full gram of Pumpkin Seed Oil, LinumLife® Complex – a proprietary concentrated form of Flax Seed, Stinging Nettle Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Stinging Nettle Root Extract. Do your own research to discover the many benefits of these additional nutrients for your prostate.

In addition, this powerful new prostate formula only requires only 3 easy to swallow gel capsules per day (as opposed to a recommended 6 in the old formula!) and it is safe to increase your dosage depending on your personal situation and in consultation with your healthcare practitioner.

Don’t Let Your Aging Prostate Keep You From Enjoying Your Best Life – Experience The Freedom Of Our New Clinical Strength Prosta-Plex Plus!

Customer Reviews

Does the job.
Reviewed by:  from El Sobrante .
Prosta-Plex Plus
I now have a good flow. I no longer have to wait and wait and wait. Just ordered my second order of six Prosta-Plex Plus. Thanks.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Eureka .
Great Product
This product has helped me in many ways, I use to wake 4 times a night to use the restroom. after 3 weeks on this product I sleep through the night, I can also play golf and do not need to stop at every restroom.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from John Creek .
Good Health
Prosta-Plex Plus has a lot to do with my good health.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Albert Lea.
Good Product
This is good.
Reviewed by:  from Atkinson.
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