Our Promise

Our Promise

Dear Let's Talk Health Members,

These are exciting times in the nutrition world. Emerging science continues to validate the numerous benefits of nutritional supplementation. At Let's Talk Health, we continue to innovate to provide our members with cutting-edge nutritional formulas based on emerging science.

Our desire is to ensure that when people explore alternative health, they receive products and nutritional formulas containing only premium ingredients. In these tough economic times, we also seek to offer discounted pricing so more people will have the opportunity to experience an enhanced quality of life through alternative health.

We have a number of resources for our Let's Talk Health Members, including Our Blog and Facebook page. They are filled with the most relevant education related to health and well-being. They also gives you the opportunity to share pertinent information with your friends and family though the "share" button found on each article.

Let's Talk Health was founded in 1999 to be a company that adhered to the following core principles:
  • Quality nutritional formulas to enhance quality of life Exceptional customer service - satisfaction guaranteed
  • Affordable pricing by selling directly to you
As the only company, both domestically and internationally, exclusively authorized to offer our proprietary formulas, we take the stewardship of our legacy in the alternative health world seriously.

Thank you for your faith and confidence in our company. We look forward to serving your alternative health needs for years to come.

Yours for Health,
Jim Cartmill
President and CEO
Let's Talk Health