Formulas You Can Trust

Formulas You Can Trust

Our Quality Guarantee to You

You may not be aware of this, but it turns out that many of the supplements sold on Amazon are not independently laboratory tested to insure purity, potency and efficacy.  In addition, many brands intentionally mislabel their products in order to claim higher potency claims.

A recent study found that the majority of dietary supplement products for immune health that are promoted and offered for sale on Amazon have not been subjected to adequate quality control standards, according the the US-based Uniformed Services University of the Health Science.

Inaccurate labeling and misleading advertising appear to be rife across the industry, with concerns from the Council for Responsible Nutrition that the FDA cannot regulate the supplement industry - especially in the Amazon marketplace.

With this as a backdrop, we should like to share with you the rigorous third party testing Let's Talk Health conducts for our entire product line and share with you the methods we use to make sure you receive the best quality "proprietary nutritional formulas with a purpose."

We utilize the most organic and natural ingredients in all of our formulas starting with vegetarian approved capsules. In addition, we are do not use artificial fillers in our products as well. 

We contract with state of the art third party laboratories test our finished products to ensure that you get pure and safe natural products that work.

We know that you want natural products that you feel good about. To ensure you're getting what you're looking for in a natural product, we use comprehensive laboratory testing.
  • You want to know they're contaminant-free.
  • And you want to be sure they contain the ingredients you saw listed on the label.
In just one month, our nutritional formulas go through thousands of individual tests. We test in order to meet US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for dietary supplement manufacturing. But we also go beyond these requirements.

Here's what we test...and why:

  • We Test All Raw Materials
  • We make sure that the raw materials that come through our facilities' doors meet GMP standards.
  • We test to make sure there are no mold, bacteria or other biological contaminants.
  • We test to ensure the raw materials we get are what the supplier says they are and match the ingredients we use in our formulations.
  • We test to make sure our raw materials do not contain harmful levels of heavy metals.
  • We test to make sure our raw materials are not adulterated.
And we don't stop with the materials arriving at our doorstop...

We Test Our Manufacturing Facilities

To make sure the products you buy from us with confidence are contaminant-free, we test various sites throughout our manufacturing plant for the presence of unwanted microbes.

We Test the Final Products

And finally, when everything is mixed and packaged, we test our finished products according to the testing requirements set out in the FDA cGMPs. This final round of testing ensures the product matches our specifications and is contaminant-free at the end of the production line.

Accurate Testing Depends On Excellent Equipment and Skilled Staff

You can test all you want. But if you don't pay attention to two factors, the tests aren't worth much at all. For this reason...

We contract with only laboratories that have a well-established reputation in the industry that feature state-of-the-art testing instruments. This includes a high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC).

Lab instruments are only as good as the people who use them.

Our expert team of highly qualified analytical chemists, scientists and technicians work in tandem to develop new and improved analytical methods with the highest accuracy and precision possible.

You can be confident Let's Talk Health's products are among the best the market has to offer thanks to the extensive testing we do every step along the way.

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