Cal Mag Pot - 120 Capsules Nutritional Supplements
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Calcium Magnesium Plus (120 caps)

Calcium Magnesium Plus (120 caps)


A Macro-Mineral Supplement That Promotes Reduced Muscle Cramping, Healthy Bones & Lower Blood Pressure

  • Superior Macro-Mineral Supplement
  • Promotes Healthy Bones, Strong Teeth & Reduced Cramping
  • Proprietary Combination Naturally Assists In Lowering Blood Pressure
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120 Capsules
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We all count on Calcium for bone health, but that is just the start. It cannot provide its many benefits without the important co-factors of Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc and other trace minerals that contribute to the maintenence of normal bones.

Settled science has confirmed that Calcium provides the building blocks that help keep bones and teeth strong and healthy. It also supports the health of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Magnesium helps to regulate calcium transport and stimulates the secretion of calcitonin, a hormone that aids in the influx of calcium into bone as well as promotes proper muscle contraction.

Vitamin D3 combined with Vitamin K2 is required to promote calcium absorption, which helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D, as we have learned during COVID, also supports a robust immune system.

But, our NEW clinically validated Advanced Calcium Magnesium Plus complex goes far beyond just your bones.

Advanced Calcium Magnesium Plus has been scientifically developed on the basis of the very latest research to provide a rich source of calcium, magnesium and co-factors including vitamin D3, Zinc and other trace minerals that helps with the normal absorption of calcium by the body and a host of other health benefits.

This is why we now have 4 times the amount of Calcium and Magnesium per serving, as well as doubling the amount of Vitamin D3. In addition, we have ADDED chelated, highly absorbable forms of Zinc, Copper, Manganese and a proprietary Trace Mineral Concentrate to make our NEW Advanced Calcium Magnesium Plus more powerful that ever before!

We think you'll agree that our NEW Advanced Calcium Magnesium Plus with 4 times the potency of both Calcium and Magnesium, double the amount of Vitamin D3, and the addtion of a proprietary Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Trace Mineral Concentrate is a powerful complex this will promote healthy bones, teeth, lower blood pressure and stronger immunity as well as reduce your stress levels, sleepless nights and those annoying muscle cramps.

Do your own research to discover the many benefits the increased potency of Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3 and additional nutrients have for your overall wellness.

Customer Reviews

Calcium Magnesium Plus
this works great I had my parathyroid removed and had to take a calcium I found this one is excellent.
Reviewed by:  from Madiosn, Ohio .
Thank you!
This formula has stopped my severe leg cramps at night.
Reviewed by:  from Mount Prospect.
This works for me!
I have never found anything else that works for me the way this does. The blend works perfectly for me.
Reviewed by:  from Colorado.
Great Product
I have been using Cal Mag Pot for a little over 5 years, and cannot do without. I used to suffer from leg cramps so bad, they would wake me up at least once a week in pain. Since starting Cal Mag Pot, I have had no issues with leg cramps. They work so well, I have members of my family using as well. Thank you for this amazing product!
Reviewed by:  from Chula Vista.
Great Results!
I really like the results of taking Cal-Mag-Pot. I was having leg cramps that would wake me in the night with very painful cramps. No more. What a relief.
Reviewed by:  from Chicago area.
Great Product
Recent studies show how important calcium, magnesium and potassium are for heart health. I take these to maintain good heart health.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Elkton .
Great Supplement
Have used this for years to help support bone health.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Howell .
Works Well For Me
It works very well for me.
Reviewed by:  from Buford .
Super Supplement!
Excellent product for a decent price.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Mid-Missouri.
Proactive Health
We are trying to maintain and be proactive our health by using Cal Mag Pot.
Reviewed by:  from Burnside.
It Really Works For Me
When I get cramps in my legs I take Cal-Mag-Pot. It really works for me.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Tulelake.
There are no reviews for this product!

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