Colloidal Mineral Plus
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Colloidal Mineral Plus (32oz)

Colloidal Mineral Plus (32oz)


Full spectrum liquid concentrate of 75 naturally occurring, pure plant derived minerals not found in today's food supply

  • Full Spectrum Of 75 Plant Derived Minerals
  • Sourced From Utah Mountains From Prehistoric Plant Accumulation
  • Provides Trace Minerals Not Found In Today's Mineral Depleted Soils & Foods
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NEW Colloidal Mineral Plus with Fulvic Aced Essential Trace Minerals & Phytonutrients

Our NEW Natural Raspberry Flavored Colloidal Mineral Plus is a pleasant tasting blend comprised of highly absorbable, water-soluble mineral derived from prehistoric plant deposits in Utah to support replenishment of minerals not found in today's food supply.  

These colloidal minerals were created ages ago when they became incorporated into the living plants, fruits and vegetables of that era.  These trace elements helps to form the luscious vegetation which contributed to the vibrant life that flourished on this planet during a more pristine and natural time period.

We've also added Fulvic Acid Essential Trace Minerals to maximize the mineral potency.  Minerals naturally occurring in Fulvic Acid include these critical, wellness and life sustaining minerals:  Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Silver, Sodium, Sulfur and Zinc.

The importance of vitamins to good health is widely known. But what you may not know is that minerals are also essential to good health. Without minerals to act as catalysts many vitamins cannot perform their necessary functions. Minerals need to be in a form that can be readily absorbed by your body. Minerals commonly occur in a metallic form - which means that they resist interaction with water and are not always easily taken up by the body.

Our NEW Colloidal Mineral Plus, on the other hand, are tiny particles of minerals in suspension (colloids). The tiny size of these colloids means the cells of your body more easily absorb the PLANT DERIVED MINERALS. Colloidal Mineral Plus phytonutrient minerals are less than 0.001 microns in diameter - or 7000 times smaller than a blood cell. They are also 10 times more absorbable than metallic minerals. Colloidal Mineral Plus contains more than seventy important PLANT DERIVED MINERALS.

It is thought that many people overeat in an unconscious desire to consume large quantities of food in an effort to obtain the trace minerals that are so deficient in today's mineral-depleted soils and in our over processed foods.  Each 1 ounce serving in our NEW Colloidal Mineral Plus has tase amounts of naturally occurring essential minerals that can be difficult to obtain from today's modern diet.

Many trace minerals act as coenzymes, the so-called catalysts in chemical reactions. That means they function as spark plugs, getting chemical reactions going without actually entering into the process. This is an extremely important function because our bodies are literally giant chemical laboratories with billions of chemical reactions taking place every day. Trace minerals also play a role in the production of neurotransmitters, biochemicals that send messages through your nervous system in the production of hormones and in your body's ability to burn carbohydrates and fats as energy.

The health benefits of Pre Historic Plant Derived Minerals have been enjoyed for almost 100 years. In the early 1900's it was Thomas Jefferson Clark who first discovered the remains of an ancient rain forest. These ancient plants had absorbed metallic minerals from the soil through their roots and converted them into plant derived minerals. He began mining the ancient rain forest materials and developed a leaching process to extract and concentrate these minerals.

Our Colloidal Mineral Plus is 100% natural plant derived mineral water sourced from the Utah Mountains. It is an accumulation of more that 600 years of prehistoric plants, where natural pure water has passed through this natural deposit of prehistoric plant humus material known as Senonian Vegetate or Humic Shale by the United States Bureau of Land Management.

One bottle contains 20,000 mg of a complete spectrum of 75 minerals.  With the added benefit of Fulvic Acid minerals, do yourself a favor and flood your body with this essential mineral formula.  Your body will thank you.

What is a Phytonutrient?

"Phyto" nutrients are substances of plant origin that appears to provide added natural protection against cardiovascular disease, cancers, and degeneration. They have anti-oxidant properties, which help with immunity, inflammation, growth, repair, and overall health. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and nuts are rich in phytonutrients.

Source: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, 2009

Important Note: Plant Derived Minerals are non-toxic and negatively charged.

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