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Super Enzyme Plus

Super Enzyme Plus


Certified Gluten Free.

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New and Improved with Vegetarian Approved Capsules and Natural Rice!

Super Enzyme Plus was formulated to assist the body in promoting improved digestion and maximizing nutrient absorption. This amazing proprietary formula includes:

Pancreatin: Pancreatin is a mixture of digestive enzymes that aid in the absorption of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. In healthy individuals, these enzymes are produced in and secreted by the pancreas. Pancreatin is a non-prescription nutritional supplement that contains amylase, lipase and trypsin. The enzymes found in pancreatin each perform a specific function. These functions are all vital to daily digestion and metabolism. The amylase enzyme uses water to break down starches into oligosaccharides, which are carbohydrates composed of simple sugars. Lipase uses water to break down triglycerides into the individual components of fatty acids and glycerols. Trypsin uses water to break down proteins to amino acid groupings known as oligopeptides.

Betaine HCL: Betaine HCL is a non-essential nutrient and a source of hydrochloric acid-a naturally occurring chemical in the stomach that breaks down fats and proteins. It is necessary for the metabolizing (absorption) of protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and iron. It is also called hydrochloric and stomach acids. The low PH of the stomach’s hydrochloric acid allows it to digest any bacteria and micro-organisms that might have been ingested.

Pepsin: While human gastric secretions contain many protein-digesting enzymes, the pepsins represent approximately 70 percent of these enzymes. Pepsin is a powerful enzyme that breaks down proteins from food into usable amino acids. Research has shown that HCl levels, liver health, commensal bacteria balance, and healthy stomach mucosal integrity support healthy pepsin production.

Ox Bile: Ox Bile helps improves bile secretion which helps ease digestion. Benefits of ox bile extract include a possible reduction of gallstones, greater absorption of vitamin K, A, D and E and may be beneficial in treating liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Bromelain: Pineapple has been known for its medicinal properties from the days of yore. Fruit and stem of pineapple plants were used to heal wounds and reduce inflammation, whereas pineapple juice was known to cure all stomach related problems. After Bromealin was first isolated in 1891, it was established that the stem of the pineapple plant contains a group of enzymes which have some significant medicinal properties. Bromelain is prepared mainly from the juice of the stem part of the pineapple plant and is actually a mixture of enzymes. Bromelain stimulates the chemical activities in the body and also helps to digest proteins. Bromelain has also be shown to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Papain: The payaya is a plant native to Mexico and Central America. It is a short lived fast growing herb that bears fruit. The papaya is a pear shaped fruit that is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and potassium. Papayas also contain the enzyme papain which is a digestive enzyme and is more abundant in green, unripe fruits. Enzymes help to speed up chemical reactions in the body. Papain has a mild and soothing effect on the stomach and is very useful in helping to aid protein digestion.

As you can see, Super Enzyme Plus is a great formula with ingredients that have a track record of assisting people with digestion. The next time you think you need an antacid, reach for Super Enzyme Plus instead and get instant relief. If you eat a high-fat meal that takes considerably longer to digest, you require emulsifiers contained in bile from the liver to help the enzyme lipase break down fat. If the liver is at all sluggish or the bile is too thick, this can produce a variety of digestive problems. That's when you need Super Enzyme Plus to speed up digestion and protect the digestive tract from the irritation caused by gastric distress.

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Great product May 4, 2015
Reviewer: JaNae Briggs from Centerville, UT United States  
Helps very well with digestion.

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Super Enzyme Plus July 14, 2014
Reviewer: Francis Ford from Norman, OK United States  
Fast delivery, Super Enzyme Plus is an excellent product.

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Super Enzyme Plus March 17, 2014
Reviewer: Rebecca Simmons from Burlington, NC United States  
I was having a lot of problems with Thrust. I get it every time I go on antibiotics or Prednisone. I started taking Super Enzyme Plus and it started helping and to my surprise the thrust was gone. I will buy it as long your company offers it.

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Seems good so far June 17, 2013
Reviewer: Kathy from Independence, OR  
I like the enzymes and they don't give me a stomach ache like some.  I have less burping and that is wonderful.  Thank you

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Benefits of Super Enzyme Plus June 3, 2013
Reviewer: Mary from Ft Lauderdale, FL  
I use this for myself and find it beneficial for digestive problems. Surprisingly, I now use it for my cats with digestive problems. Zara, my 6 year old cat was diagnosed with acute Pancreatitis, kidney failure, and liver problems. After a week in the hospital and intensive treatment to the cost of almost $2000.00 I put her on Super Enzyme Plus (every third day) and a superior Probiotic. The cat is now normal and of all prescription medications. I rely on Super Enzyme Plus to keep us both healthy.

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