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New and Improved — Same great formula now with Vegetarian Society Approved Vegetable Capsules & Natural Rice Instead of Maltodextrin!

Iodine is to the thyroid what calcium is to the bone. It is very common that a deficiency of iodine can cause hypothyroidism or suboptimal thyroid function. It is estimated that over 300 million people worldwide have chronic goiters (swollen thyroid glands) because they consume very little iodine. The swelling is caused by the action of thyroid stimulating hormone released by the pituitary. The TSH stimulates the thyroid, but without iodine, the thyroid is unable to create T4. The TSH continues to stimulate the thyroid, which then swells, causing the goiter. Sufficient iodine intake prevents goiter formation by allowing the thyroid to respond properly to TSH and release thyroid hormones.

Remember, a sizable portion of our society is deficient in iodine which causes a chain reaction in how your body functions on a daily basis.

Dr. David Brownstein MD, author of Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It, states in his book that Iodine is one of the most misunderstood nutrients and suggests through his extensive research that most of the population is grossly deficient in this valuable mineral. He further stated that it is impossible to achieve your optimal health when there is iodine deficiency present.

Dr. Brownstein recommends a supplement of 25-50 mg daily. Our organically sourced iodine provides 30 mg in one serving and we also add an additional 400 mg of L-Tyrosine, which is a building block for the thyroid hormone controlling our metabolic rate and energy level.

Not only do we need levels of iodine far greater than scientists previously thought, but without the important amino acid, tyrosine, there would be no thyroid hormone function. It is absolutely necessary for the body to produce thyroid (as well as noradrenaline and dopamine) hormones. Tyrosine also is an excellent stress reliever and an excellent natural treatment for depression. Together, intake of iodine and L-tyrosine can keep the thyroid nourished and prevent goiter, hypothyroidism, and a multitude of symptoms associated with low thyroid hormone levels.

We have also added 400mg of L-tyrosine which is a building block for the thyroid hormone, which controls our body’s metabolic rate and energy level. The most common symptoms of an under-active thyroid are fatigue and weight gain. Giving the body a daily supply of L-tyrosine will promote optimal thyroid function, which will improve energy and promote weight loss.

L-tyrosine is an important component for some major biochemical processes in the body that regulate mood, appetite and energy levels. This is a natural remedy that can be taken safely to address some very common health problems.

Iodine plus L-Tyrosine = Thyroid Hormones

If you are noticing fatigue and weight gain, Dr. Brownstein's research supports the necessity for an effective iodine with tyrosine formula. With the improvements of Vegetarian Society Approved Capsules and the Natural Rice replacing Maltodextrin — you may want to consider adding this amazing formula to your repertoire of vital nutrients to increase your energy levels as well as nurture and protect your thyroid.
Let’s Talk Health’s Iodine with L-Tyrosine, provides superior nutritional support for healthy thyroid and immune function.

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Excellent products! June 7, 2016
Reviewer: Pedrojulio Pedrero from Rancho Cucamonga, CA United States  
Hi and congratulations!  I know Let's Talk Health products for long time now and I always recommend people to buy or find out more about all of them! This time I purchase Iodine for a lady who needs it
and also because I was interested to say hi to my friends at Let's Talk Health! I have become a Therapist in the area of Inland Valley and some time I think it will be good to distribute the products again! Maybe one day!

Pj Pedrero

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love this product! January 11, 2016
Reviewer: Robin March from Roanoke, IL United States  
I suffer from hypothyriodism and i was just completely miserable all the time between my numbers being off and the symptoms seemed to be getting worse with each passing year. I felt terrible and gained 50lbs and always tired all the time.  I started taking Iodine on a leap of faith and I am so impressed on how much my symptoms went away, how better I felt, how much my thyroid has shrunk, and how well I am able to function. I look forward to a better me thanks to Iodine. :)

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Makes a HUGE Difference! May 4, 2015
Reviewer: Cindy Riley from Anaheim, CA United States  
I've tried many forms of liquid and capsule iodine to help my thyroid. The liquid doesn't last long and I'm freezing and feeling slow within 2 hours. This product makes a tremendous difference. I take one first thing in the morning and a second at 2:00 pm daily. It helps me to have continued energy without the jitters of caffeine. And my feet and hands are not cold all of the time.

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Very Good Product. September 10, 2014
Reviewer: Angela R. from Yorktown, TX United States  
I've studied nutritional supplements for many years knowing our plentiful but pitiful diet in the US leaves us all short on essential nutrients. Most people do not have a clue as to how important iodine is to great health. I really like this product as the label states the origin of the iodine where as many other iodine supplements do not. Thank you for great products. I will continue to do business with "Let's Talk Health" for many years to come.

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Iodine June 26, 2014
Reviewer: Debby Weller from Wapakoneta, OH United States  
I will never ever be with out this product. I and my daughter have thyroid problems. We do NOT use the garbage synthroid.  We get our blood tested using herbs and this product. Our Thyroid is NORMAL when we use this product daily.

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