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Dense Bone


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Numbers, like words, have meaning. Did you know that there are over 33,000 PUBLISHED medical papers attesting to the many benefits of vitamin D? The best source of vitamin D is the sun, but as we approach winter, the sun shifts its focus on the southern hemisphere and we don't get as much. Dense Bone is formulated to help your body absorb more of this vital nutrient. Read more about Vitamin D at blog.letstalkhealth.com.

For years, Let's Talk Health members have asked what they should be taking to build and strengthen their bones as they age gracefully. We've finally designed what we consider a great formula to accomplish this goal.

The formula starts with 8,000 IU's per serving of Vitamin D. Now in a perfect world, you and I would be outside getting enough Vitamin D from the sun. Unfortunately, the medical community has so scared people about sun exposure that many Americans don't get even the bare minimum amount of Vitamin D, much less the amount we chose to put in Dense Bone (4,000% of the recommended Daily Value).

In addition to the large volume of research validating the restorative power of Vitamin D to stimulate bone cells and enhancing the uptake of calcium into the bones, emerging research tout the positive impact in boosting immunity, hormone regulation, brain health, metabolism, diabetes prevention, cancer prevention and cardiovascular health. (Could you ask for anything more?)

I also included 100 micrograms per serving of Vitamin K2 (125% of the recommended Daily Value). Vitamin K2 literally sweeps calcium out of our arteries and tissues, then deposits it where hardening makes sense - your bones. Nearly all healthy adults in America have undiagnosed vitamin K deficiency. The beauty of adding K2 is it is the most bioactive and absorbable of the K vitamins.

The final ingredient that makes this formula so powerful is Strontium. Now, just to be clear, the Strontium in our formula has literally no relationship to the Strontium 90 that causes radioactive damage. Strontium is a common element naturally found in our bones. Studies demonstrated that Strontium in its various forms is well tolerated and completely safe. It has a unique method of action, which provides a dual activity in your bones. Strontium both inhibits bone resorption (the process breaking down bone and releasing the mineral, that result in the transfer of calcium from bone fluid to the blood) and simultaneously stimulating bone growth. No other natural substance or drug is known to provide this dual effect.

This powerful 1-2-3 punch will greatly assist those of you in maintaining healthy bones as you grow older.

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Awesome product January 11, 2016
Reviewer: Rose Austin from Raleigh, NC United States  
Even at over 70, my last bone density test showed normal....grateful!

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Dense Bone January 14, 2015
Reviewer: Ruben Ayala from Laredo, TX United States  
Always great service and excellent supplements.  Been buying your products for about 10 years.

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Three of you excellent products. October 28, 2014
Reviewer: Ib Nielsen from Brisbane, Queensland Australia  
My wife and I have used Dense Bones for years. I showed the product ingredients to our GP. She was amaized that Strontium is included in this product. Strontium has just been released i Australia on restricted use.

I will now order the improved Cardio Advantage Plus. The previous product brought my blood pressure back to normal.

Also Liposomal Vitamin C which will be my family base for avoiding the EBOLA virus.
Hurray for the freedom of the internet.


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Good source of Vit. D. June 13, 2014
Reviewer: Amy Parker from Howell, MI United States  
Great source of Vit. D.

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Dense Bone does the trick February 17, 2014
Reviewer: Joann from CA  
I have been taken Dense Bone for over four months now.  My back doesn't hurt like it did, had injuries to my back.  Had to struggle to get up.  Dense Bone does the trick.

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